Who Attends

Industries and Sectors:

Ministry of Health, Food & Drug Authorities, Municipalities, Food Producers, Dairy Farms, Cold Storages, Supermarkets and Hypermarket Chains, Fruits and Vegetable Companies, Wholesalers and Retailers, Shipping, Transport and Logistics Companies, Third Party Logistics Companies (3PL’s), Distribution Houses, Airports and Customs, Airlines, Storage and Warehousing Companies, Supply Chain Solution Providers, Temperature Controlled Packaging Systems, Temperature Monitoring Systems, GPS Manufacturers, Data Loggers

Department & Job titles:

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, General Managers, Chief Quality Officers, Director of Supply Chain, Supply Chain Managers & Controllers, Supply Chain Analyst, Logistics Directors and Managers, Operations Managers, Procurement Managers, Quality Directors, Quality Assurance Managers, Regulatory Head, Supply and Demand Managers, Head of Business Process and Controls, Warehouse and Distribution Managers, Packaging Managers, Materials and Store Manager, Food Authorities, Head of Cargo Handling, Product Managers, Business Development Managers