Day Two

17th May 2017, Day Two
08:15 Registration and Coffee
08.45 Chairman's Welcome Address
09.00 Cost Sensitivity does not always help: What cost sensitivity leads to?
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Making optimal decision
  • Qualitative and quantitative decisions
  • It can lead to wastages as well
Rupinder Bir, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Galadari Icecream Co (Saudi)
10.00 Advanced Technologies and Reefer Trucks
10.30 Morning Coffee and Networking
11.00 Lack of Data Transparency: Having your Data on Real Time
11.30 Temperature Excursions during the Cycle
12.00 Issues,Solutions and Insights on Temperature-controlled Environment in Food Manufacturing Facilities
13.00 Networking Lunch
14.00 Developing Technologies in Food Management Systems and Best Practices for Food Safety and Cold Chain
14.30 How Remote Monitoring can Minimize Concerns Regarding Disruptions of Cold Chain Services
15.00 Optimizing Storage Costs to make Pricing more Optimized
15.30 Afternoon Coffee and Networking
16.00 Safety Technologies for Packaging
16.30 Continuous Development of Smarter Ocean Reefer Container
17.00 Closing Remarks from the Chairman
17.10 Close of Forum